The 32nd edition of the BEAUTY FORUM trade fair will be held on 21st-22nd September 2019 in a new location at the GLOBAL EXPO Trade Fairs-Congressional Centre at Modlińska 6 d street in Warsaw.

New location - another success!

The attendance record and very positive opinions of exhibitors and visitors confirm that the new place of the spring edition of the BEAUTY FORUM Fair Trade Fair and Congress Center GLOBAL EXPO in Warsaw - won the hearts of professionals. The market weekend of 9-10 March breathed new energy into the development of the beauty industry.

With pride, but also with curiosity, we opened this year the 31st BEAUTY FORUM Fair. Every change is a challenge ... and a huge opportunity. We believe, and the record number of participants in fairs and seminars confirms that the new facility has opened up the cosmetics industry completely new possibilities. Almost 16,000 professionals have become acquainted with the offer and hot news of over 900 companies and brands. The expanded offer of seminars aroused great interest. There were plenty of competition emotions and attractions.

International Cosmetic Congress

Almost 1,200 people took advantage of the opportunity to gain current knowledge and improve their skills. Meetings with industry experts invariably motivate participants to participate. In the new formula, the Congress program has been divided into eight thematic blocks covering all areas of cosmetics and cosmetology knowledge and practice. Participants praised the high substantive level of the seminars and paid attention to the excellent comfort of education in the new facility. The vast majority of seminar tickets were sold in online pre-sales.


One of the most exciting events of the BEAUTY FORUM fair attracted crowds of make-up and stage make-up admirers. The two-day festival of make-up artists with shows, trainings and international stars show fascinated with creativity and professionalism.

Here it happened...

People interested in cosmetic novelties had the opportunity to watch presentations of the latest treatments and innovative company products on the MEETING POINT Scene. Here, the audience applauded the winners of makeup and modeling and nail art championships. Emotions and anticipation accompanied on Saturday the results of the prestigious BEAUTY FORUM AWARDS 2019 competition. This year, exceptionally, many companies deserved this distinction.

It is worth adding that at the fair we hosted the "Piękniejsze życie" Foundation, which is committed to improving the quality of life of women undergoing oncological treatment.

As a valuable initiative, producers and distributors recognized the Academy of Cosmetic Legislation that was designed for them, organized in cooperation with the Polish Union of the Cosmetics Industry.

Master emotions


During the BEAUTY FORUM fair there were exciting championships and contests. Part of the competition is a pass to participate in the championships on the international arena.


Winners of the 2019 championships:

22. Polish Make-up Championships

1st place: Anna Język

2nd place: Sandra Smolarczyk

3rd place: Roksana Gajda

Audience award: Anna Podraza


21. Polish Nail Modeling Championships

Gel category

1st place: Paulina Słowik

2nd place: Justyna Dadał

3rd place: Lena Kurach


Category acrylic

1st place: Anna Skibicka

2nd place: Beata Wodzak-Zwara

3rd place: Anna Prabucka


12. NailArt Trophy Championship

3D Design category

1st place: Aleksandra Adamczyk (audience award)

2nd place: Magdalena Kisiel

3rd place: Katarzyna Wolny


Category Nail  Flat Decoration 

1st place: Milena Malinowska

2nd place: Magdalena Furman

3rd place: Kateryna Savchenko

Audience award: Magdalena Serafin


Young Talent Competition for the BLUE DIAMOND Cup

1st place: Magda Kozińska (audience award)

2nd place: Natalia Kozłowska

3rd place: Joanna Widlarz


Young Talent Competition for the RED DIAMOND Cup

1st place: Małgorzata Madejczyk

2nd place: Agnieszka Chabera

3rd place: Anna Leszczyńska

Audience award: Paulina Mintus

The next edition of the fair is coming after the summer vacations!

We kindly invite you to the Autumn Fair BEAUTY FORUM September 21-22, and to the Hair Forum on October 19-20. Book these dates today!

More information is available at and

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